Eat Plants. Laugh Often.

Find a plant-based diet that works for you! Simple changes like using more natural ingredients is a great step in the right direction.

Savory Zucchini fritters/pancakes stacked on a white plate
This easy 3-ingredient vegan zucchini fritters recipe is nutritious, delicious, and easy. Just chickpea flour, and zucchini for the batter (plus seasoning).

Eat well.

Live fully.

Turn fresh ingredients into a delicious meal. Featured recipes to inspire your next dish.

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Salei, The Natural Foodie
Salei, The Natural Foodie

Hey foodies! I am a mom, partner of a law firm, and the cook in my home. I’m originally from Trinidad & Tobago, and call Raleigh, NC home. Enjoy tasty, easy, and (usually) healthy comfort food recipes, as well as healthier Caribbean recipes and other travel-inspired recipes. Everything is made with REAL ingredients. We love veggies here so you will find a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes, but I haven’t quite crossed-over so check out my seafood and other recipes too. I’m also keto-ish so most recipes are low-carb friendly. Learn more about me at my FAQ page. All Recipes can be found here.

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