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Are you tired of the same old vegetarian meal options? Spice things up with these delicious vegetarian recipes from The Natural Foodie. Whether you’re a vegetarian experimenting with new ways to cook for your diet or you’re simply tired of your family not eating their vegetables, you’re sure to find some new dishes that you’ll love and want to share.

Cook and Eat Healthily

As many of us know, vegetables are essential to a well-balanced diet. When they’re the primary part of your diet, however, creative recipes pay off even more. I’ve selected the following recipes because they’re entirely vegetarian — no meat here — and because they’re healthy and easy to make.

You can experiment with a range of diverse recipes, including egg curry, Trinidad green seasoning, curry pumpkin, lentil soup, roasted cauliflower, and even cheesecake. I even have baby recipes that don’t contain any animal byproducts and are easy to store for long periods of time. You’ll find recipes here for every member of your family.

Explore New Recipes

Feel free to explore the vegetarian food recipes below or use them as a starting point to create some vegetarian recipes of your own. My easy prep, quickly-completed dishes are a great way to begin experimenting with vegetarian meals.

Easy Sugar-Free Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Easy and sugar-free is the best kind of dessert in my world. My kids absolutely love this easy sugar-free pumpkin cheesecake recipe as much as I do all year around thanks to canned organic pumpkin puree. Every bite is as good as the last. Adding sugar-free cool whip to...

Green Bean, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Baby Food

If you can make a delicious creamy soup or a crazy amazing smoothie, you already know how to make baby food. This homemade green bean, sweet potato, and pumpkin baby food recipe is incredibly tasty, easy to prepare and store, and so nutritious for your baby. Parents know healthy,...

Quick and Simple Egg Curry Recipe (Vegetarian)

This quick and simple egg curry recipe has bold curry flavors and loads of protein. Egg and “aloo”(potato) is a traditional Trinidad & Tobago egg curry recipe. It is a delicious, simple, vegetarian curry with eggs, potatoes, and garbanzo beans. When I “need” a low carb day and want...

Trinidad Green Seasoning Recipe

Trinidad Green Seasoning is a versatile, low carb, all purpose fresh herb seasoning recipe used widely in Caribbean recipes. This fresh herb seasoning mix is is local to Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad “green seasoning” is easy to prepare in bulk and lasts for up to two months in the...

Trinidad Curry Pumpkin Recipe (Vegan!)

This curry pumpkin is a crowd pleasure side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time you want bold savory Caribbean flavors of curry, turmeric, and cumin without the heat...

Easy Vegan Indian Style Fresh Green Bean Recipe

This easy vegan Indian style fresh green bean recipe gives you mouth-watering, smoky flavors from only tomatoes! Even better, there are only 7 ingredients in the entire dish. No one ever believes this is a vegan dish, but all the smoky flavors comes from cooking down the tomatoes using...
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